Lets explain the rule of three

We always get caught in “too many”. Be it a life changing decision or a simple shopping list. Your attention is minimal and it vanishes with split of a second. Hence , its quite important to focus of what’s really important(read as what’s really prioritized).

Three is not too little, not too much, it’s just right — The Goldilocks Principle

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in his book , wrote -

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Well ! I can’t believe this is my 25th blog at Medium, out of which most of them are written during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, this is a post to jot down all my previous blogs categorized by the topic of interest which are — 1. Management Realizations, 2. Certifications Know-hows, and 3. Personal Productivity.

1. Management Realizations

From Edge to the Cloud — is there any end to processing pressure

Hierarchy of Remote Work Needs

When to think clearly- 5 key observations on selected corporate scenarios and actions as project…

Elevator Speech for project manager’s weekly status report

What are the key focus areas for a project manager to be successful?

A manager like Window-opener OR Leader like Door-knocker

Why “Done Is Better The Perfect”

Why “Done Is Better The Perfect”

Leaders are scarce and thus more valuable

Project Manager’s strategy to say “No” constructively

How to lead a remote team?

How to manage multiple managers at work?

2. Certifications Know-hows

Professional Agile Leadership — Evidence-based Management (PAL-EBM) — How to pass successfully

Disciplined Agile Conference Day#1– 5 Dec 2020–10 Key takeaways

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Mid March 2020. They said the work place will might be closed for few days. Due to a certain well known pandemic called , Covid (it was called Covid-19 post that).

Overnight, we all started working from home. Having to balance 24/7 look after the 8 years old, home schooling and sharing Wi-fi among between a family of 3, all of these was lot overwhelming to take at one shot.

1 year in, I am feeling much comfortable working from home and started forgetting the usual pre-pandemic routine life.

Below are some of the lessons I…

Data has a better idea

The cloud has metamorphosed the way we do business and consumers interact via internet over data, storage and, above all, with software. While the cloud brings its own advantages and challenges, there is no deny of the fact that nearly 90% of businesses currently uses cloud in some capacity. Cloud computing have three distinct segments as — IaaS — Infrastructure as a service, PaaS — Platform as a service, and SaaS — Software as a service.

While cloud have distinct advantages over traditional IT infrastructure, it has its fair share of lacunas as well. Those gaps are mitigated via edge…

Because don’t work hard. Work smart.

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1. Use emoji as shortcut👈

Simple, just press Windows + . (period)

2. Start timer for meeting ⏲️

3. Business Storytelling Idea 💡

Use below template, to sell any storytelling idea …use the below format -

  • In the past
  • Something happened
  • Then now
  • Tackling an antistory
  • In the future

4. Rule for presentation 10–20–30 💻

10 slides — Focus on a few | memorable points

20 minutes long — Be kind to | people’s attention spans

30 font size minimum | Let your audience listen to your words rather than read

5. Five is less, look for 100s of tips 💁‍♂️

Lastly, if you think you have time for more, then you need to go though this 100 tips

Go and explore !

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Take care of yourself first. Then others.

Before you start, please do read the first part here (Part 1 of 2 )—

Last week, I attended a short talk by one of my colleague w.r.t to positive mental health, which I appreciated a lot. The talk not only gave a lot of information, rather it touched the soul of many people who attended the same. The talk was like a river which flowed through the bed and took its way to the destination with many touch points.

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Note — The below items/sections/headings were presented by the colleague at the talk…

Take care of yourself first. Then others.

No. I am no trained expert to give you any guidance. Neither am I any type of “guru”. This is a personal evaluation of last 12 months w.r.t. to mental health status.

This week, I attended a short talk by one of my colleague w.r.t to positive mental health, which I appreciated a lot. The talk not only gave a lot of information, rather it touched the soul of many people who attended the same. …

Invest time. Refine outcomes. Systemize result.

Everyday we spend more time on phone than anything else. Would it not be better if we spend the time on more productive manner and the applications involved actually helps towards that? As per “Take back control of your time” analysis -

So, exactly how much time does the average person spend on their phone?

The top 20% of smartphone users worldwide use their phones for more than 4.5 hours daily.

Hence, it’s imperative to be productive around this. …

Not Maslow’s. It’s Liz’s. During Covid times.

We are in Covid-19 era. We are in unusual time. It’s all different. No wonder that that the guide to the 5 Levels of has also evolved now. I came across Liz Fosslien’s adaptation of above -


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory of motivation which states that five categories of human needs dictate an individual’s behavior.

Buy it here —

1. Physiological needs — Coffee (or any drinks)

The first and the basic need at the bottom of pyramid is the psychological need. The most basic human needs include water food rest and overall…

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