Hey Friends

This week, let’s talk a bit about product maintenance.

[Problem] The customer reports a product issue.

And you don’t want to redesign your product to meet their ask.

But !

You need customer’s satisfaction. And you need them always 🤞

[Solution] How to handle it effectively…read on 👇

Hi Friends

Taking a month off from office work (December 2021)

Taking a much-needed break from hustling so hard this year.

I didn’t get the opportunity to plan a proper vacation for the last three years, including Covid time(due to other priorities), which started to affect my work. It’s just…

Hey Friends

“mise-en-place”: It’s a French phrase translating as “put in place.” In the kitchen mise-en-place means to gather and arrange the ingredients and tools needed for cooking. But for many culinary professionals, the phrase connotes something deeper. Mise-en-place is a tradition of focus and discipline, a method of working…

Hey Friends

Moving into a new role as project manager, it’s always been my focus to create a work environment of comfort and empowerment. Becoming a single point of failure is a framework of failure.

So, what are the three things you can do to avoid becoming the glue?

  1. Framework…

Hey Friends

During this week, I was in a discussion on the topic of keeping calm under heated discussions. I was pleasantly reminded of how I was calm and composed during a heated meeting this week.

That brings the topic of this week’s newsletter of keeping calm and move on.

Photo by Cory on Unsplash

Yes, Google has the information. You can get it “ready” here.

Photo by Omotayo Tajudeen on Unsplash

Step 1 — Read the book

I prefer to study the content myself first before jumping into practice exams. Hence, the book step. You can get the book in any store, like Eason.

If you need a CD, you can get the CD as well…

Akash Bhattacharya

Software Project Manager🕗, Freelance Photographer 📸, Weekend Chef👩‍🍳, Bowler to a junior 🏏

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