We are what we repeatedly do. Why not do it as efficiently as possible?

Law of productivity: If you’re not using any apps for increasing productivity, you’re being wasteful.

Here is a list of the Top-5 best apps that will enhance your life in professional and personal tasks.

Before I start, some ground rules on my ecosystem comprise of —

  • Android Phone
  • Windows Office Laptop
  • Macbook Personal Laptop
  • iPhone…

Keep it slow.

“Let me do a quick introduction”

The introduction will then be 15 minutes long. Only then, someone else will get some airtime. Quick means in seconds these days. It’s time to stop rushing.

Relax, nothing is quick. Whatever it takes will take time. Debunk quick.

“ I’m quickly going to share my screen “

It will…

Akash Bhattacharya

Software Project Manager🕗, Freelance Photographer 📸 Writes about #book, #software, #product, #productivity

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