Hey Friends

Moving into a new role as project manager, it’s always been my focus to create a work environment of comfort and empowerment. Becoming a single point of failure is a framework of failure.

So, what are the three things you can do to avoid becoming the glue?

Hey Friends

During this week, I was in a discussion on the topic of keeping calm under heated discussions. I was pleasantly reminded of how I was calm and composed during a heated meeting this week.

That brings the topic of this week’s newsletter of keeping calm and move on.

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Hey Friends

This weekend I re-read the book 4-Hour Work Week by one (&only) Tim Ferris. The book deals with D-E-A-L.

  • E = Elimination
  • A = Automation
  • L = Liberation

While the book is fantastic and one of its kind, the part which attracted me most has…

Yes, Google has the information. You can get it “ready” here.

Photo by Omotayo Tajudeen on Unsplash

Step 1 — Read the book

I prefer to study the content myself first before jumping into practice exams. Hence, the book step. You can get the book in any store, like Eason.

If you need a CD, you can get the CD as well…

Change is inevitable. Storyline works.

I’m going to explain the communication strategy via the below stages —

  • 2. Where are we going: impact for the audience
  • 3. How will we get there: how can the audience help you

1. Where we are: why we must change

The first part is to explain where we are…

None likes it but everyone needs it.

As a project management professional, your role is undefined. It’s a lonely role, so you need friends. Apart from writing code (of course, you can do that as well), you are responsible for everything else. …

Lets explain the rule of three

We always get caught in “too many”. Be it a life changing decision or a simple shopping list. Your attention is minimal and it vanishes with split of a second. …

You can read all here.

Well ! I can’t believe this is my 25th blog at Medium, out of which most of them are written during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, this is a post to jot down all my previous blogs categorized by the topic of interest which are —…

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