7 Ways To Handle Crisis As A Product Maintenance Manager

Akash Bhattacharya
3 min readNov 17, 2021


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Facing a crisis over a product you’re supposed to handle or maintain? 🧨

The first rule of crisis management is you panic first. The second rule of crisis management is you panic first. The third: you panic first.

The fix is always the same: stay calm. First, stay calm. Then, stay calm. Then, stay calm. But people forget the first part.

When panic wears down, the fix usually involves two things.

One, do something, anything, to make the situation better.

Second, be the one who makes it better. Working as a product maintenance manager have taught me some good lessons.

Here are 7 rules that you should remember -

1 Acknowledge the problem 🔎

Acknowledge the problem initially. Don’t go in denial mode.

The first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem.

2 Take control of the situation 💪

It’s very easy to get trapped in this whole side, but you got to take control of the situation.

Break it up into small manageable pieces.

Come up with options, alternatives, solutions to your problems.

And, what is outside your scope of work, the stakeholders must realize that as well (early enough).

3 Act fast, but not panic ⏱

Act fast. Take steps. But don’t get into panic mode.

It’s easy to get trapped into analysis mode (they call it analysis paralysis).

Be action-oriented.

4 Over-communicate 🗣🗞

Keep it simple (KISS method) but be the person who over communicates.

People get into panic mode when they don’t hear the progress or updates.

So, keep the communication channel open and engaged

5 Be positive, but not blame 🎭

Looking into the future

Being positive

Seeing opportunities for improvement

6 Show empathy 🙏

A great time to practice your act is when you’re in difficulty.

The other person will see you as calm and confident.

Act as if you’re already in control.

Listen. Don’t just hear what people are saying, but understand what they’re saying.

7 Make the most of the situation 😉

You are the product maintenance manager. The work is hard.

But you are doing important work. You are keeping the company’s most important asset, the people who work there, healthy.

In short, few people want to be the Product Maintenance manager. It is a lonely job ❗️

How was I to know? It’s a crazy thing

You are the one person on the team who can make sure your company/team/customer survives the crisis.

Live your Ikigai. Have a great week ahead.


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