Four hour work week

Akash Bhattacharya
3 min readOct 2, 2021

Hey Friends

This weekend I re-read the book 4-Hour Work Week by one (&only) Tim Ferris. The book deals with D-E-A-L.

  • D = Definition
  • E = Elimination
  • A = Automation
  • L = Liberation

While the book is fantastic and one of its kind, the part which attracted me most has been the Elimination part. There are so many facets in our lives that demand elimination, be it personal life or professional.

This week, I would revisit life and look for the scope of elimination.

What about you? Will you review as well? Let me know with “reply”

Live your Ikigai. Have a great week ahead.


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Interpretation of Tim Ferriss’ Not-To-Do List | by Akash Bhattacharya |
As per Wiki, Tim Ferris is an American entrepreneur, investor, author, and podcaster. The productively guru !!! Tim Ferriss blog is one of the most popular blogging series with advice on…

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The other Tim Ferris book which I love a lot is Tribes of Mentor. Let me pick 3 fav pieces(why 3, read here ) guests have chosen which they think have influenced them a lot -

  • The purchase that has influenced me over the last six months is the Apple Pencil. I do soooo much of my artwork by hand, and now there is a device that draws and feels like a “real” pencil that I can use electronically. It has changed the way I work.
  • Ego is about who’s right. Truth is about what’s right.
  • What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world”? Don’t wait until you get a job to do the thing you want to be doing. For most careers, showing that you have initiative by working on projects related to your future job is a great way to get a foot in the door. If you want to be a writer or journalist, start keeping a blog that you update regularly! If you want to be a programmer, create and maintain a project on GitHub. Anything that you can point to on your LinkedIn that screams, “Hey, I’m passionate about this!” works.

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Time Ferris podcast — ultimate jack of all trades

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