Key Takeaways from “Take Your Shot” by Robin Waite

Akash Bhattacharya
2 min readJan 13, 2022


It’s your shot.

At the end of the day, if you’re not taking it then it doesn’t matter what anybody tells you because at the end of the day you’re never going to know what could have happened if you had taken that shot.

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A breaking point Everyone is under pressure. Pressure to meet the needs of the stakeholders, pressures to prove you are meeting the needs, pressures to provide what they want and more.

A chance encounter And then the “third door” opens. A chance opens up.

Set a goal Start with “why”. Usually, everyone thinks only of your goal, but not of your motivations. If you look at the most successful people and organizations in this world, it’s clear that they have a very good goal, which is based on thinking about the “why” first.

Create a product Create a “How” around it. Create an end-to-end packaged product. Avoid selling your time.

Take your shot One product is ready, take your bet. If it is good, it will survive. Else you will know the worth quickly.

Make your money Once the product is successful, you will make money. Exponentially.

Sign the dotted line Time to make it big. Bigger the better. Make it a deal.

WoW Now you are overwhelmed. It’s a cloud nine status.

Freedom This is where freedom kicks in. The “4-hour workweek” sets in. You earn money while you sleep.

To take your shot -

What is the most important thing you should be working on now ?

Why are you not working on it now?

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