My Top 5 productivity apps for 2021 (Year End)

Akash Bhattacharya
3 min readDec 29, 2021

We are what we repeatedly do. Why not do it as efficiently as possible?

Law of productivity: If you’re not using any apps for increasing productivity, you’re being wasteful.

Here is a list of the Top-5 best apps that will enhance your life in professional and personal tasks.

Before I start, some ground rules on my ecosystem comprise of —

  • Android Phone
  • Windows Office Laptop
  • Macbook Personal Laptop
  • iPhone for Wife (critical as few apps are shared across the family)

So, I favour apps that work everywhere.

Might not be as popular as Tim Ferriss or Gary Vaynerchuk

#1 Todoist (

Category — Task Management

Why useful?

✔️ Brian dump for actions.

✔️ For me, the workgroups include work, personal, and family projects.

✔️ Love the KANBAN board which they have, ever-improving…

Todoist: The to-do list to organize work & life

#2 Medium (

Category — Article/Blog Reading

Why useful?

✔️ Daily curated recommendations for my favorite topics.

✔️ Clean interface with pleasant reading.

✔️Their writing section for a new blog is also quite clean. ✍️

✍️ Notion Template anyone (currently free)? Check here -

#3 @AmazonKindle + GoodReads Books combination

Category — Books

Why useful?

✔️ Kindle App > Original Kindle (flickering problem during page refresh bothers me a lot )

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