My Top10 Productivity Apps (2022)

Akash Bhattacharya
3 min readApr 14, 2022

Usual one. Unusual way.

I’m always looking for new apps that can help me to be more productive so I decided to share my Top10 Productivity Apps which really helped me in 2022

There are a few applications that help me a lot every day. I just wanted to share my TOP10 with you, because I’m sure these apps will stimulate you too and grow your productivity!

This post is broken into 5 different categories and apps are under each section-


1. Notion

Why useful?

  • Brain dump — It can be project management, knowledge management, or task -tracker.
  • Follow Thomas Frank below (& copy his way. shamelessly)-

2. Google Calendar

Why useful?

  • If it’s not in your calendar, then it’s not in your plan. If not in the plan, then not in execution.


3. Whatsapp

Why useful?

  • Send a Whatsapp Message to yourself — Save all your ideas/grocery…
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