My Top5 Productivity Gadgets of 2022

Akash Bhattacharya
4 min readMar 5, 2022

Work smarter, not harder.

There is no doubt that as time goes by we progress more in technology. We get faster and more efficient computers, better projects that help us work.

Then there are gadgets that make our life easier, which is why I am eager to share the top 5 productivity gadgets with you!

Disclaimer: I have kept basic phone and laptop from this list. I will write about them separately.

1. MX Master 3

Category: Mouse for daily use

Why useful?

✔️ You need to have a comfortable mouse with ergonomically suitable.

✔️The thumb can be used to scroll left →right, that’s the extra use.

✔️ I use multiple customisable shortcuts for frequently used activities.

Think(rather calculate) how many times you open a chrome browser and close it. Now if that’s possible with a click of a button without moving the mouse.

For example, I scroll through the google tabs via the left scroller(use thumb)

2. MX Keys

Category: Keyboard for daily use

Why useful?

✔️ Easy to type.

✔️Amazing battery life on a single charge (yes, do switch off the keyboard lights, that’s useless)

✔️ Again, keyboard shortcuts.

For me: One press of a button can do a screen capture. How cool is that?

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