One-Sentence Productivity Tips

How about one sentence — short, concise, and effective?

Start with “why” and proceed to “how”. To know “how best”, read below.

General Tips

  1. Your daily “to-do list” is the first thing you see in the morning.
  2. Identify the most impacted work of the day and prioritise that relentlessly
  3. Only leaders take strong decisions.
  4. You can’t make everyone happy.
  5. Use the template to start rather than a blank page.
  6. For almost every situation, there is a framework available to fast-track.

Email Tips

  1. Protect your “focus time” planned in the office calendar.
  2. Shield the above time.
  3. Write skimmable emails when writing to upper management.
  4. Write short sentences in email.
  5. Use email conditional formatting to colour your important emails.
  6. Keep meetings scheduled for 25 mins (for 1/2 hour) or 50 mins (for 1 hour).
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Questions to boost your productivity

1. Is what I’m doing right now moving me closer to my goals?

2. What’s the most important thing for me to focus on in the next hour?

3. What am I avoiding?

4. What are the projects I must achieve in the 90 days with absolute excellence?

5. Will I start this in 30 days?

The more you say “no”, the more you can get done.

There is no “yes”. Either “Hell yeah!” or “no.”



Software Product Maintenance. Writes about #book, #people, #product, #productivity

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Akash Bhattacharya

Software Product Maintenance. Writes about #book, #people, #product, #productivity