Project Manager — Roles and Key Measures

Akash Bhattacharya
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The ones who make impossible tasks look easy and fun.

Let’s take a closer look at their superpower!

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1️⃣ ringmaster


• juggling multiple tasks and keeping everyone moving in the right direction(not to let anything crash and burn)

• hoping that no one in the audience notices when things don’t go exactly as planned!

2️⃣ chef


• blending together different ingredients (team members, resources, timelines) to create a successful project.

• sometimes you have to adjust the recipe on the fly when things don’t turn out quite right.

3️⃣ traffic cop


• directing people and resources to keep the project moving forward, even when everyone else wants to go in different directions.

4️⃣ superhero


• without a cape, using their superpowers of organization and persuasion to get things done on time and on budget.

5️⃣ weather forecaster


  • predicting which way the winds of change will blow and adjusting the sails of the project accordingly.
  • sometimes you have to be prepared for unexpected storms and surprises.

Key Measures

While they play a different role at different times, the key measures are as below:

✅ On-time delivery

✅ Quality of deliverables

✅ Team( + Stakeholder) satisfaction


✅ Business impact

Ultimately, the success of a project is often measured by the impact it has on the organization.

And in that -

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