Todoist App to Boost Your Productivity

Akash Bhattacharya
5 min readMay 7, 2022

To know “Why & How”, read on.

We can find various tools that help us to focus and boost productivity.

On one end, we have a lot of web apps, and on the other hand, smartphone Apps.

Todoist app has both these and is famous for offering different features.

Creates an easily understandable visual overview of the tasks, projects, recurring events and file attachments. Using the colour-coded setting buttons: you can label tasks, sort them into projects, add dates and set priorities to your content.

This way it can be divided logically among your colleagues. Its users said it is very simple to use and keeps you on track with all its features.

Automatically syncs changes from your phone back onto the web For PC, OS X and Linux operating systems, and IOS and/or Android.

Todoist was ranked #1 best planner app of 2022 by

So, let’s start with why❓

1 Simple Interface

Simplicity has its own attraction. The interface is just easy to use — be it mobile or desktop.

2 Why not other apps

There are multiple other apps for to-do/task management. But are those simple enough to use? Moreover, they are not synced across all eco-system?

If you’re at Apple eco-system, use Things 3

Otherwise, if you want a mixture of ecosystems, use Todoist

3 The simple addition of tasks

Task addition is extraordinarily simple with 1-click action.

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