Weekends: a time for rejuvenation — not just rest

Akash Bhattacharya
2 min readApr 14

Weekends: a time for rejuvenation — not just rest but self-care elevation.

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Here are activities to feel refreshed a new, recharge your mind, body, and soul too!

1️⃣ Go for a nature hike or a peaceful stroll.

Breathing in fresh air, connecting with your soul.

Let the sights and sounds of nature inspire,

Replenishing your spirit, rekindling your fire.

2️⃣ Indulge in a hobby or creative pursuit,

Painting, writing, or playing an instrument to boot.

Unleash your inner artist or tap into your craft,

Igniting your passion, and making you feel daft.

3️⃣ Practice mindfulness, yoga, or meditation,

Calm your mind, find inner peace, and relaxation.

Unplug from screens, be present in the now,

Recentering yourself, with a tranquil bow.

4️⃣ Spend quality time with loved ones near,

Laughing, sharing stories, and spreading cheer.

Connect with family and friends, make memories,

Nourishing your relationships, like blooming trees.

5️⃣ Pamper yourself with self-care so sweet,

A bubble bath, a massage, a treat to eat.

Take care of your body, nurture your well-being,

Feeling rejuvenated, like a new day’s gleaming.

Weekends are not just for rest, but for self-care,

Recharging your energy, becoming aware.

Embrace activities that replenish and renew,

So you can start the week afresh, with a vibrant hue!

On the other hand:

Some people believe that weekends should be used for catching up on work and chores.

This way, they can start the week with a clean slate and less stress.

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