What are the key focus areas for a project manager to be successful?

Akash Bhattacharya
3 min readNov 4, 2019

Let’s dig deep into top 3 aspects.

As a project manager, there are many times when you will be confused about your key goals. While there are many (& many & many) aspects to focus on, let me try to explain the 3 key aspects to focus and why they are more important than anything else.

Build credibility. Credibility is the currency of a PM.

Working in a customer location for the last number of years, I thing which I totally rely upon is credibility. The credibility is the big fish, and under its hood, there are other key items like integrity and reliability.

When your manager assigns any work, can he utterly trust you to complete the same? If you complete the same on time with quality, you get a positive point. Over a period of time, you keep on accumulating the positive points. More positive points you collect, you build credibility.

While working on the assignments, do you work independently and do justice to the role? If the role is client-facing, are you impartial in your decision making without any bias to your organisation? It’s not easy, but that where you need to justice to this role.

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