Why Leaders Don’t Need To Use Words To Be Effective

Akash Bhattacharya
2 min readJan 12, 2022


Communication is vital for leaders, whether they speak or write. However, the ability to communicate “without words” is an exemplary leadership trait. It’s a skill that will help you to cut through the clutter in professional life.

Few examples

  • There may be a situation where your team needs more training on a skill they’re not conquering. Instead of everyone hanging their heads in quiet “shame,” you can use eye contact and hand motions (no words) to communicate that this topic must be focused on tomorrow at meeting time.
  • Another example of this is during a brainstorming session where you’re trying to visualize the flow of ideas and passions or searching for words that relate to each other for a storytelling drive.

It’s a myth that you need words to have effective communication.

Successful leaders “observe” meticulously

They observe their subordinates, both individually and in groups.

Effective leaders scrutinise the performance of each person and address any problems that arise immediately. Not all problems can be solved but they must be addressed quickly to prevent them from getting worse.

By minding the different workgroups and how they interact with one another, an effective leader can get a good idea of how healthy the entire team is doing.

Leaders communicate by their own “behaviour”

Leaders know how to communicate in different environments. They use their own behaviour as a model for team members, peers and customers. Just show your ambition and performance expectation in your own way, the rest will pick that automatically.

Finally, if leaders don’t “walk the talk”, they will end up in failure.

Leadership is at the centre of next-generation management.

This means that leaders will have to change their current style of leading (speak/write) and embrace a new style(observer/behave) if they want to avoid the failure journey.

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